Did you know that this week is National Nurses Week? According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists' website, National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6, also known as National Nurses Day, through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

So, that means it's a great time to look back at a viral video created last year, featuring nurses at Concord Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire. In the clip, they can be seen dancing along to Baby Shark, with complete with the Baby Shark dance, with a bit of a medical spin on it. The video is hilarious, and you have to give credit to the nurses of Concord Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire for the great job they did with the dance moves!

Nurses do so much for us. They often don't receive enough credit for all they do. So if you know a nurse, share this story with them this week to give them a good chuckle!

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