Is the Sears at the Maine Mall closing?

There's a rumor that it is. Someone shared a confusing ad (below) on WGME's Facebook that the store in South Portland is shutting its doors in the near future.

See what we mean by confusing? It is an advertisement for a job at Sears; yet, the headline reads in bold capitol font: "STORE CLOSING SOUTH PORTLAND IN SOUTH PORTLAND, ME AT SEARS." Then, a coworker told us that WGME was reporting the closure. We have scoured the news station's website and other local news sites, and found nothing concrete as of Thursday night. So, it is all gossip for now.

If the rumor is true, it would be a shame since Sears is one of the remaining brick and mortar warriors, and a store many of us grew up shopping at with our families. Remember the iconic Sears catalog? Many kids spent hours combing through it and circling the things they wanted for Christmas. People have fond memories of shopping there.

We will keep you posted if and when we hear more.

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