As we all continue a quarantine in hopes of stopping the spread of coronavirus, lots of people have been left with a lot of extra time on their hands until this is over. That includes an individual named Tommy Marshwho decided to walk a road in Lovell, Maine that they had driven dozens of times. Why walk it? Because they had noticed how much litter was roadside and wanted to clean it up.

Reddit via mtrash
Reddit via mtrash

Shared on Reddit by mtrash, after walking the 2 mile stretch of road in Lovell, Tommy and his wife filled 10 regular-sized bags with garbage. Yes, you read that right. Lovell, a town of less than 1,200 full-time residents had enough trash roadside to fill 10 trash bags.

What may be even more stunning than the amount of trash found roadside, was what exactly Tommy found being tossed away. Within the comments on their Reddit post, they stated that they found seemingly endless amounts of jagermesiter and fireball nips. People in Maine shouldn't be surprised to hear that. But they also found countless full-sized bottles and cans as well, everything from Budweiser to White Claw. It has to be a little unsettling to residents of Lovell that enough people and drinking and driving along a 2-mile stretch of road to fill 10 trash bags with empty containers.

Kudos to Tommy and his wife for taking some time out of their weekend to pick up trash roadside for the good of the community. And maybe, just maybe, when life gets back to normal we can all start making better decisions.

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