There's nothing like an ooey-gooey s'more in the summertime. The problem is not everyone has a firepit in the backyard or a campfire to gather around. No worries, though. The Yard in Portland has got you covered.

The Yard is consistently bringing the fun and flavor with a steady stream of unique drinks and dishes.

The most recent dishes are inspired by beloved summer and fair food. Known to be messy, fun, sugary, and delicious. Unfortunately, thanks to this little thing called a PANDEMIC Maine fairs just aren't going to but they usually are, if they're even going on at all.

Almost like a Charcuterie board but for sweets, The Yard has a gorgeous s'mores board outfitted with a burner can so you can cook your s'more just how you like it.

Keeping with the fun fair and summertime theme they're also introducing a delightfully fun (and fluffy) Cotton Candy Cocktail!

Take full advantage of that cheat day with a sugary night out at The Yard.

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