Baseball season is almost upon us, and I, for one, am thrilled! Not because I am a diehard baseball fan, but because I am a diehard SPRING fan. The start of baseball season means longer and warmer days have arrived. All winter long, we fantasize about sipping a beer on a patio with the sunshine smooching our skin, and finally that dream can become a reality.

Fenway Park is one of the most iconic baseball fields in the country. A lot of history has gone down on that field, and a lot of famous butts have sat in those seats. I make sure I get there at least once a season for a Sox game with my pals.

One of the best parts of a Red Sox game is the food. Did you think I was going to say the $15 Bud Lights? Yeah, those are delicious too. Everyone knows calories don't count at a baseball game, so when I'm there, I like to indulge in a big 'ole soft pretzel and OF COURSE a Fenway frank.

With the Red Sox home opener tomorrow, one our favorite spots is offering two for one hot dogs to celebrate. We're talking about The Goat in Portsmouth, Hampton, and Manchester. You can choose between chili cheese, classic GOAT style, or a mac and cheese dog. My vote is the mac and cheese dog all day.

The Goat via Facebook
The Goat via Facebook

If you can't make the trek into Boston tomorrow for the game, at least you can get into the baseball spirit with two for one hot diggity dogs from the Goat. Happy baseball season and PLAY BALL!

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