McDonald's is such an important part of most of our childhoods, that whenever they bring back something we go nutso for it.

Case in point, the Halloween Happy Meal collectable. It was just released on Tuesday, October 18 and it appeared to be the white ghost.

Larry Soares / Chantel Toomajanian
Larry Soares / Chantel Toomajanian

Massachusetts comedian Larry Soares is one of those hungry for the piece of nostalgia. But after collecting the white ghost, he wanted all three...NOW! So he grilled some poor McDonald's employee on exactly how to score the pumpkin and the witch as well.

As previously revealed in a brilliant article about Larry's hunt,

So, it's a real simple tip/secret, but if you're looking to try and collect all three Halloween Happy Meal collectibles, just make sure you pop by on Wednesdays and Saturdays (or whatever day shipments come for the McDonald's closest to you), ask which collectibles they're dishing out, and eventually, you'll get all three!

It worked and Larry was pretty wicked excited to have cracked the code!

Way to go, Larry! Have you noticed that nostalgia since the pandemic is like a warm cozy blanket we all want to wrap ourselves in? Especially those longing for the 80s and 90s. When kids today are nostalgic, will it be over a nasal swab? Is it embarrassing the amount of time we are investing in hunting down plastic Halloween buckets filled with a little bit of memory? Maybe, but damn it, it's that warm cozy blanket and if it means tracking down the delivery schedule of your favorite Mcdonald' a little.

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