A new partnership between the Maine State Police and two organizations is looking to help raise awareness and funds during Autism Acceptance Month in April.

The Maine State Police

Founded in 1921 with 21 original officers, the Maine State Police and its 340+ officers protect and serve across the entire state.

The department's mission statement reads...

As representatives of the State of Maine, our mission is to keep our state a safe place to live and visit.  We will maintain order, protect life and property, and reduce fear of crime by providing diverse high quality law enforcement services.  We will foster partnerships with all those we serve by practicing Integrity, Fairness, Compassion, and Excellence.


The Maine State Troopers Foundation

Many of those partnerships fostered by the department are through the great work of the department's charitable arm, the Maine State Troopers Foundation.

Created in 1994, the Maine State Troopers Foundation is a "non-profit entity dedicated to providing support for programs of public safety and prevention of crime"

They have done work with the Special Olympics, Wreaths Across America, Children's Hospital Christmas, and juvenile diabetes, just to name a few. It's amazing to see how this organization and all of its volunteers have positively impacted Maine. And this impact continues with their latest partnership.

Autism Acceptance Month

With April being Autism Acceptance Month, the Maine State Troopers Foundation is ready to hit the ground running with a few friends.

This wonderful partnership between the Maine State Troopers Foundation, the Autism Society of Maine, and the Flutie Foundation is gong to be a huge hit.

Both of these societies have done so much to help advocate, raise funds and awareness, and help better the lives of so many dealing with Autism. The Autism Society of Maine works mostly right here in our great state, and the Flutie Foundation on a more national scale.

Also, whoever designed the patch did a masterful job. The puzzle piece symbol is very forward and clear. It matches well with the Maine State Police logo.

Autism Puzzle Piece Ribbon

Created in 1999, the puzzle piece ribbon was born out of the original puzzle piece logo. However, the original was just one puzzle piece. The latest version put the different colored pieces together, symbolizing all folks from far and wide coming together to battle Autism.

And that's exactly what the State Police and these two great organizations are doing. They are coming together and putting out the call for those to help their neighbors.

For more information about the patch drive, you can visit the Maine State Troopers Foundation website.

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