For the past several summers, the Portland waterfront has been rocking with dozens of concerts at the Maine State Pier that have electrified locals and visitors. But it appears the the waterfront may be a lot quieter in the summer of 2019, as Westbrook may become the new home for Live Nation outdoor concerts.

Herb Ivy

According to KeepMeCurrent, reps for Live Nation and the developers of Rock Row went before the Westbrook Planning Board to propose a temporary 8,000-seat concert venue that would be ready to open by May of 2019. If fully approved and constructed, it would be the largest outdoor venue in the Portland-area and would likely draw in acts that have typically passed over the Portland-area in favor of Bangor.

Wakefield Beasley & Associates

Details will still need to be worked out involving traffic, safety and noise concerns along with potential parking issues but if all of those hurdles are overcome, Westbrook could be the new home of major concerts and events in southern Maine. If it all works out, the concert venue could become permanent.

The first step in the Rock Row project is also expected to be open sometime next summer. That first phase includes a Market Basket location, along with several other retailers. Additional phases will be include a movie theater, office space and potential condos in future years.