Still knee-deep in a pandemic with numbers climbing, restaurants have been planning the colder winter season for months.

Summer has been relatively easy to deal with in that as outdoor dining has been a fairly reliable option. Many communities have been flexible, and in Portland, streets were shut down to offer up outdoor space to local restaurants and retailers in order to stay in business.

Winter, however, is another story. Freezing weather isn't exactly the kind of climate folks what to enjoy their dinner in.

The Yard in Portland has been going through a ton of changes for 2020 and the latest, is pretty freaking cool.

To be able to continue serving through the colder months they have set up igloos to stay out of the elements and enjoy a drink with friends or a dinner with your sweetheart.

Not only do they have the igloos, but they have added gorgeous twinkling Christmas lights to add to the fun.

Keep your eye out on their Facebook page for when you'll be able to book your own igloo!

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