A runner on Commercial Street Saturday morning stopped when she came across this lonely teddy bear leaning up against a wall and is now on a search to reunite him with his owner.

Megan Marsh and Betsy Cook spotted the bear propped against the corner of Solo Italiano restaurant when they were out for their 5 a.m. run. They couldn't just let this lost bear sit there, so they took photos along their run with him and posted them to Facebook hoping someone recognizes him.

They've temporarily named the lost bear Braverson and describe him as a Jellycat brand teddy bear who is worn out where tiny fingers have gripped him and has a grey smudge on the back of his head.

Anyone who has had a young child knows just how heartbreaking it is for them to have lost their lovable teddy bear, so let's see if we can reunite Braverson with the child that is surely missing him.



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