Peter Geiger has been handing out king sized candy bars for years...but this year is by far going to be his biggest!


Peter Geiger


Peter is the editor of the Farmers' Almanac, but also a huge fan of Halloween! About 5 years ago, he started handing out king size candy bars. He became very popular. The first year he had about 300 kids. Last year he handed out about 5,000 candy bars and this year he expects to hand out even more!

It's so crazy, that he needs help with traffic in his Lewiston neighborhood and he is preparing for the night with:



Why so many candy bars? Well, he gives out a password Halloween morning and if you know the password (or phrase) you get THREE KING SIZE CANDY BARS!

That password in a minute - first, let's get you an address!



Peter haunts up his house and guides everyone through as quickly as possible. The party starts at 5, but people start lining up as early as 3 for this!

Help Peter out and take his candy. He hasn't had a single piece of candy since 1983, because he gave it up for lent!


PASSWORD: FARMERS’  Almanac Rocks!! 

Peter is doing it up this year with special prizes for the 500th, 1000th, 1500th etc. trick or treater! Everyone remember this is done with love - so no pushing, shoving, parking will be tough and be nice to Peter's neighbors and have fun!