Gronk might be ready to take the spotlight and be a movie star. What?


The New England Patriots wild tight end Rob Gronkowski has taken his share of hits in his career. At 28 years old, the mileage is adding to his body in a bad way. Lately, he seems to be off the field more than on with injuries. Take that with a big Super Bowl loss and his house being robbed while he was at the game, he may be looking to move on from football. Now, we all know that Gronk is not known to be a wallflower. He loves being in front of a camera and telling jokes, acting, or shaking his money maker. And, according to The Boston Globe, some of Hollywood's biggest action stars are telling Gronk he would make a great actor. The Eagle-Tribune reported that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sylvester Stallone have both encouraged Gronk to start making movies. Gronk already made his acting debut in a movie called "You Can't Have It." His co-star in the movie Joanna Krupa told TMZ that Gronk shouldn't quit his day job. She said:

Considering he was the only person we had to do re-take after re-take for his one line, I don’t know. I think [Gronk] was too busy focusing on the hot girls on set.


Ouch! So, what do you think? Would you go see a big Hollywood action movie starring Gronk?