Mainers received sad news regarding one of the state's most iconic frozen treat shops.

The popular New Gloucester frozen custard shop recently announced the news on social media. After nearly 70 years of filling folks up with delicious custard, Hodgman's will sail off into that proverbial sunset.

The stand was never without a crowd during operating hours. Its prime location was one reason. Hodgman's sat right on Route 100. It was close to lakes, mountain hikes, golf courses, and the Lewiston/Auburn region.

The other major reason was the amazing custard, of course. The thick and creamy dessert was an absolute delicacy for so many from the area and beyond. Flavors like chocolate, pumpkin, and black raspberry were just a few of the fan favorites that helped Hodgman's become the mecca that it was.

I had honestly never had frozen custard until my first trip to Hodgman's about 15 years ago. Custard, while similar to ice cream, is made by a different process. According to, unlike ice cream, custard uses eggs and isn't churned nearly as much. That keeps the consistency denser than its creamy ice cream cousin. And for many, that's how they prefer it.

Thousands every year would choose the custard at Hodgman's, dating back to the 1940s when the family originally opened the stand. And now, 69 years later, the family has decided it's time to move on.

Not a lot of information was given on why the closure is happening. The post only mentioned it was time for the Hodgman family to move on. To that I say congratulations on a historic run that brought joy to the community and beyond. And best of luck to whatever that next step in life is for the family. Thanks for all the wonderful memories and full stomachs.

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