If you ever want to get on my last nerve, do this to me… And make sure it's a topic I don't care about.

Include me in a never-ending reply all email and watch me lose my mind.

This actually happened at work on Monday. There was a Townsquare Media debate about an actor, R. Lee Ermey, who died last weekend. It started when a company-wide email went out, alerting us to this "breaking news." We get these emails on a daily basis about various entertainment news. One employee who I don't know replied all that Ermey was a drill instructor, not a drill sergeant in the movie "Full Metal Jacket." Then, lots of other people got involved, and all of them were making the same mistake of replying to everyone else in the thread (which is every employee in the company -- hundreds of people). Meanwhile, I have never even seen this movie and do not want all of these emails in my inbox. Unlike Facebook, where you can choose to leave the thread, you're a hostage to a conversation you don't want to be a part of. Is it just me? When will people learn the difference between "reply" and "reply all"? This is my biggest pet peeve at work. What is yours?

Oh, and one more thing. Now, I have no desire to ever see this movie and it's probably a classic. I will forever associate it with the trauma of a reply all nightmare.

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