A woman named Katie Brule from Pelham shared this story on Facebook and it has since gone viral:

Around 3:30 am on Monday her doorbell rang. When she answered it was a Pelham police officer.

He informed her that there was a parking ban due to the storm and she should move her car or it could be towed. Katie explained that she’s a nurse and just worked a double shift.

She wasn't able to pull into the driveway because the snow was too deep. She was too tired to shovel the driveway by herself at 2 am.

The officer understood and visibly felt bad. He left and Katie went to get some sleep. She knew full and well she was taking her chances and she might be towed.

The doorbell rang again at 6 am and it was two Pelham Police officers.

Turns out, they shoveled her driveway and walkway so she could pull her car into the driveway and not get towed.

How amazing is that? Katie was overwhelmed by the officer's kindness. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty.

Way to go Pelham NH Police Department, especially officer Mike!

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