New Englander Jennifer Lee accepted a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. Jennifer wrote the screenplay for Disney's Frozen and co-directed the film.

She remembered her time at the University of New Hampshire in Durham after the win. WMUR-TV is reporting that  Lee sent a thank-you back to UNH from Disney Studios in California. “Definitely a huge shout-out to UNH, it was in little Durham, N.H., which I love and go back to often that education there, it’s contributed so much certainly in me becoming a storyteller,” Lee said over the phone. The “Frozen” director said she has a warm place in her heart for UNH, where she studied English and poetry, graduating in 1992. “It was always storytelling that I went to and I would daydream a little too much and being at UNH, I really learned critical analysis of stories and to understand them,” Lee said She became the first woman ever to direct a feature for Disney Animation Studios. Lee said UNH helped her become a fearless writer capable of creating a fearless character.

“I love UNH and I feel like I owe a lot of my professors there and friends,” she said.

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