Here in New England, our region is well-known for many different reasons.

Countless studies have directed high praise towards our area over the years. Last year, a WalletHub study announced the best small cities in the country, and eight New England towns made the list. We've also been recognized for having some of the most magical winter wonderland townshottest zip codes in America, restaurants that made the New York Times' Restaurant List, and the list goes on.

New England is also known for its ample schools and higher education opportunities. Specifically, New Hampshire is home to 22 colleges and universities, attended by tens of thousands annually.

It's safe to say that most of us either went to these schools, or knows someone who works there. This writer knows several coworkers who went to the University of New Hampshire, a roommate's mom who works at Saint Anselm's, and a high school friend who briefly attended White Mountains Community College. These various institutions are not only great centers for learning, but also popular employers throughout the Granite State.

But what are these 22 New Hampshire college and universities? Everyone's heard of UNH, of course, but what are some of the other schools that call New Hampshire home? Let's have a look:

Get an Education at These 22 New Hampshire Colleges and Universities

Are you a fan of Saturday Night Live? It turns out that New England's been featured several times on the popular late-night show. Let's check out these hilarious skits:

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Let's take a look inside this romantic & private New England yurt, where you can enjoy an idyllic, year-round escape.

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