Few places on the mid-coast are more beautiful than the view on top of Beech Hill in Rockport.


The 295 acre preserve is situated on a hill that overlooks Penobscot bay and the Camden Hills. A stone building sits at the top that was built in 1914 and has been completely remodeled to include a lovely natural grass roof. The property is now managed by the Coastal Mountain Land Trust and open to the public.


One of the great ways Beech Hill gives back to the public is with its acres of wild organic blueberries.


A little local secret that is not overly marketed is the annual FREE blueberry pick where the public can come and pick all the blueberries they can for free.

You do have to pre-register at the Coastal Mountains Land Trust website, which will allow you schedule a 2 hour block of time to come pick your own native blueberries for free.


This year the blueberries are arriving early and so is the free pick. This year it is running from Monday July 19th to Tuesday July 27th. Obviously the earlier, the better your picking options however rest assure there are acres of blueberry barrens there so no worries about leaving empty handed.


This is a delightful family adventure that rewards you not only with the Free blueberries but with the breath taking views from the top of the hill.

Click Here to pre-register and enjoy!

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