Most folks recognize Fred Ashmore as "the guy who shattered the Cannonball Run record, driving from New York City to Redondo Beach in a rented Mustang, in 25 hours and 55 minutes."

But this weekend, Ashmore will make his mark on the small screen, debuting in the new HGTV series, "Battle On The Beach."

According to, the new series takes place on the scenic gulf coast of Alabama.

"The nail guns are out in a new renovation/competition series featuring HGTV fan-faves Alison Victoria, Ty Pennington, Mike Holmes, and Mina Starsiak-Hawk as well as Food Network's Taniya Nayak. With guidance from the HGTV pros, three teams of house flippers bring their best game as they vie for a $50,000 prize in an intense home-improvement showdown."

Ashmore, who calls Hancock, Maine home, says he ended up on the show through a connection he had with another Cannonball driver:

"I found this as an online opportunity posted on Facebook by fellow Cannonballer Shane Ferguson who is the local on-site GC for the entire project. He posted online that he needed carpenters and I came for a sit-down interview with executive producers Rob Zimmerman and Michael Matsumoto. There were 9 candidates and I was actually the first one chosen. My two other full time very talented carpenter friends Tim Evans and Thomas Carpenter, both local to the area were the next 2 selected. "

Fred Ashmore
Fred Ashmore

The show was originally scheduled for 2020, but then Covid hit and they halted production. When they returned to the project, it was under very strict conditions.

"It was 8 grueling weeks of being locked down in a hotel on the 10th floor of Gulf Shores beach complex and only allowed to and from the set. We tested every day and nobody ever contracted Covid."

Of the 3 teams on the show, Ashmore was assigned to the "on camera carpenter" to the Orange/Green Team, consisting of a couple from Atlanta, Darryl and SunJay, and celebrity mentor, Alison Victoria.

Fred Ashmore
Fred Ashmore

"The challenges are different areas of the home and overall value at the end."

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Some of his cast and crewmates were surprised that this Cannonballer was dabbling in construction. But Ashmore says, to those who know where he came from, it was a no-brainer.

"My background in carpentry started at a very young age. My grandfather was a GC and him and his sons built all their homes. My father did the same with my brothers and sisters. We built several homes and our family commercial business in Hancock from digging the hole, building the concrete forms, pouring the concrete, to shingling the roof. I’ve always been handy and able to build anything. The carpenters on the show felt they had the upper hand and my only chance was wowing the judges to the win. I explained to both of them 'You may be more talented than me overall but you will not outwork me.' At the end of the show, on the final day, both the producers and competitors said regardless of the outcome, you exceeded everyone’s expectations and couldn’t believe that carpentry is a hobby and not a full-time profession."

After the show, Ashmore says they hired him to oversee the site cleanup.

"Tim Evans and myself made necessary repairs and returned the newly renovated homes back to the owners."

As to whether or not his team came out victorious, Ashmore says:

"I can’t tell you who won but I can tell you to tune in. I will let my work speak for itself... hopefully everyone enjoys the show..! On to the next one...!! I have my own in the works...!!"

You can catch the premiere of 'Battle on the Beach, featuring Ashmore's literal handy-work, this Sunday (July 11th) at 9 PM on HGTV.

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