One of HGTV's most recognizable stars announced to the world on Monday that he was absolutely 'wowed' during his visit to Bangor, Maine. That star would be David Bromstad, the longstanding host of "My Lottery Dream Home", a show that follows his quest to put lottery winners into the homes of the dreams. So what was David Bromstad doing in Bangor?


Bromstad Wanted to Check out the Home of 'The Master of Horror'

According to his own post on Facebook, he spent at least some of his day visiting Stephen King's house. As Bromstad explains in his post, he was amazed by the grandiose nature of King's home, including his personal library. Bromstad also complimented the character and history that he experienced throughout Bangor during his visit.

What Brought David Bromstad to Bangor?

Many of the comments on Bromstad's Facebook post asked the question of what exactly brought the popular HGTV star to Bangor to begin with. Those questions weren't answered, but it's entirely possible that Bromstad was visiting the area while also filming an episode of "My Lottery Dream Home" for its upcoming season. Typically, if future episodes of television shows are being filmed, locations and properties are kept under wraps until proper press releases can be made.

City of Bangor, Maine skyline at dusk

Bromstad Had a Parting Message for the People of Bangor

Clearly Bromstad was blown away by the hospitality he experienced while visiting Bangor, and he proclaimed in his Facebook post that he would definitely be back to visit again. Seems like Vacationland has convinced another big star of its beauty.

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