There are plenty of shows and movies that have been and even are being filmed currently in Massachusetts. Earlier this month (March 2023), Matt Damon and Casey Affleck were spotted filming a movie in the city of Boston, called "The Instigators". Videos are constantly being posted on social media of Damon and Affleck either wandering the city, or showing the two actors off while they are filming.

However, according to Mass Live, Netflix will be filming a murder mystery series in Massachusetts starting in April that will star Nicole Kidman, Liev Schrieber, Dakota Fanning and Meghann Fahy.

This six episode series is to be called "The Perfect Couple" and filming will take place in Chatham on Cape Cod.

If you plan on visiting the Cape during the Spring or early Summer, then you may have a chance to spot some of these actors around Cape Cod. According to Mass Live, filming will start on April 3rd and will continue through the second to last week of June.

Mass Live states that this series is based on the novel written by Elin Hildebrand and will be worked on by the creator of the show "Good Girls" and produced by the team of "Stranger Things."

This is not the first filming on Cape Cod.

I'm sure most of us know that the famous movie, "Jaws" was also filmed on the Cape, but did you know that Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy" also was? Honestly, there are a couple other movies that were also filmed on Cape Cod, but from my memory, only one show.

"American Horror Story" filmed half of its 10th season, called Double Feature, in Provincetown on the Cape. Not going to lie, the show really showed what Cape Cod can be like during the off season, and as a New Englander, it was a bit terrifying.

It will be nice to have another show filmed on the Cape, even though Mass Live claims that majority of the show will be filmed in a private residence.

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