That's Not Supposed To Be There

There's always a small level of risk when buying fresh produce. Every year there are stories of black widow spiders or other creepy crawlies being found in, for example, a bag of grapes, but it's far more unusual to find something like a spider in a can of fruit.

Even rarer finding a bat amongst pineapple slices and juice.

Scott Beaudoin

That's exactly what happened to Scott Beaudoin of Lovell, Maine reports News Center Maine.

Scott was preparing a ham for dinner over the weekend when he opened the can of Dole pineapple and instead of being welcomed with sweet yellow fruity goodness he saw what he believes to be a bat.

According to News Center Maine, a representative for Dole said that an independent lab will be testing the can to see if it is, indeed, a bat in the can. Dole did offer a refund and gift card which Scott declined.

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