Have you been invited to a big Halloween event and need to bring a festive treat? Do you and your family or coworkers exchange festive goody bags for fun as a holiday treat?

Or maybe you're like me and love to create yummy masterpieces!

Whatever your reasoning is... I've got the perfect and super simple DIY Spooky & Sweet Halloween treats, and the best part is you can personalize them to your likes and taste. You could make a scary, bloody skull theme, or maybe a Hocus Pocus theme, or you could be like me and bring a little fun and sparkle to your Char-SPOOK-erie boxes.

EASY DIY: Spooky & Sweet Halloween Charcuterie Boxes

Looking for a super easy Halloween treat to make for friends, family, or co-workers? YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS HALLOWEEN CHARCUTERIE BOX!

Step 1: Start with an empty container of your choice!

Step 2: Add crinkled-up tissue paper.

Step 3: This is where it starts to get fun, and the magic happens. Add your 1st treat to the box; I used marshmallow straws!

Step 4: Add treat #2 to the Char-SPOOK-erie box! I made super simple rice Krispy monsters!

Step 5: Add a spooky touch like this super glittery spider. This is optional and could very well be replaced with another food item!

Step 6: Candy Corn Bark makes the perfect and sweet addition!

Step 7: Add your 4th sweet treat to the box; I chose Spooky Chocolate Bark for this one!

Step 8: More fun... Add some vampire fangs!

Step 9: Print a free label offline and wrap it around hot cocoa packets!

Step 10: Ta-Da! You're done with your Char-SPOOK-erie box!

I hope you have so much fun making your friends, family, and coworkers Char-SPOOK-erie boards!

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