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Funtown Splashtown USA Hosting Autism Awareness Day August 12th
According to the Funtown Splashtown USA website, Funtown Splashtown USA offers two separate Autism Awareness Days this year. The first Autism Awareness day will happen Thursday, July 15th, and the second falls on Thursday, August 12th.
If you're unaware of what Autism is, it's a developmental disorde…
New Adventure App Leads You On A Historical Tour Of Farmington
Looking for something educational and fun for the whole family to do this Summer?
According to the SunJournal, there is a new cell phone application that is fun and educational. Oh, and did I mention that two Mainers invented it?
That's right, Story Trails of Maine was created by two Farmington reside…
Augusta Parks & Rec Is Offering Cop Camp JR. Police Academy
I think at one point in almost every child's life, they dream about what they want to do and who they want to be when they grow up. For some kids, that dream is to be a mom, others want to teach a classroom full of teachers, and others want to grow up and be everyday heroes in law enforcement..…

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