I don't know about you, but I love an after dinner treat, ice cream especially. There is just something about having something sweet after dinner that just feels right. Now, I know that it is not good to have ice cream daily and trust me I don't, but it is always a delicious way to end the night when I do.

Even though it is getting colder outside, ice cream is still around (mostly in supermarkets). Those like me still enjoy ice cream while there is snow on the ground so it is always a sad day when ice cream stands close. Many ice cream stands in Maine have already closed for the season while others are getting ready to close their doors until summer.

The other night, I decided that it was an ice cream kind of night. I took a ride over to the Dairy Queen in South Portland, only to learn some sad news.

I'm sure you already guessed it, they are preparing to close for the season.

Walking away, with my blizzard in hand, I noticed that their sign stated that they are preparing to close on Sunday, November 13th. The sign did have some good news if you are planning on making a trip there on a Monday or Tuesday and you enjoy their blizzards, "Mon & Tue 12oz Blizzard $3.99." But, let's be real, even though it happens every year, it is still a sad day when they close.

Although the weather doesn't seem like it, winter is coming up fast.

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