I probably do not need to explain to you what Dairy Queen is, but incase you need a reminder, Dairy Queen is a popular fast-food chain that offers a wide range of delicious desserts, including the classic blizzard.

If you have been to Dairy Queen, then there is a pretty good chance that you have had one of their blizzards in your life. You know, that creamy, cold, delicious treat that comes in various flavors and toppings.

Well, did you know that soon you will be able to purchase a blizzard for only 85 cents?

According to People, along with getting us ready for Summer and announcing their blizzard lineup, Dairy Queen will also be selling blizzards for only 85 cents between April 10th to April 23rd.

Why is Dairy Queen doing this? Well, it is to honor the fact that the blizzard was invented in 1985.

There is one thing that you will need to make sure that you have however, Dairy Queen is honoring this deal on their app only, which means that you will have to pre-order your blizzard on the app to get it for that price.

Still debating on getting this cheap blizzard? Here are five reasons why New Englanders can enjoy an 85 cent blizzard from Dairy Queen.

  1. Affordability

One of the primary reasons why you can enjoy an 85 cent blizzard from Dairy Queen is affordability. At this price point, a blizzard is an affordable indulgence that won't break the bank, heck, you may even be able to find change in your couch to pay for this tasty treat. For less than a dollar, you can treat yourself to a delicious and satisfying dessert, and not say that going to a supermarket and getting a quart of ice cream will be cheaper (I've done that plenty of times).

  1. Variety

If you've had a blizzard in your lifetime, and no, I am not talking about a Nor'Easter, then you know that Dairy Queen's blizzards offer a variety of flavors and toppings.  From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to unique options like cotton candy and s'mores, there's a blizzard to suit everyone's taste buds. Plus, with different toppings and mix-ins available, you can customize their blizzard to their liking (personally, I go for a mint cookie dough, something that I am really not able to get just anywhere).

  1. Refreshing

Let's be honest, it's Spring and the weather is starting to get nice outside, heck, I've even started to wear shorts. On a warm or hot day, there is nothing better than ice cream to cool you down. Dairy Queen's blizzards are the perfect solution to beat the heat. You can easily satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down with this tasty treat.

  1. Convenience

With 108 locations across New England, it should be pretty convenient for you to find a Dairy Queen location for a quick and tasty treat. Plus, there are even locations with a drive-thru option available, so you can can enjoy your blizzard on-the-go without having to leave your car.

  1. Tradition

I feel that for many New Englanders, Dairy Queen's blizzards hold a special place in their heart. Not only has the blizzard been a favorite for over 30 years, but going to Dairy Queen and getting a blizzard has become a tradition for many families and friends to enjoy together.

For only 85 cents, which is still crazy for me to think about, you can relive some of your favorite blizzard flavors, or heck, even try them all.

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