Who has a pile of stuff just waiting to be donated? I have a huge heep of clothing, shoes, appliances, and other knick knacks that have been collecting dust since the coronavirus crisis began. And, I keep adding more to this soon-to-be mountain, which is sitting in a corner of my bedroom, ready for a new home. If you also have a growing collection, you will be happy to know that the Salvation Army in Portland, Maine is picking up donations from homes again, after an almost five-month hiatus. WMTW reports the Salvation Army is making every effort to be sure pickups are "as contactless as possible." The article says employees are taking precautions to keep their customers and themselves safe, by wearing masks and practicing social distancing. They are also only entering homes when necessary, as per WMTW.

The Salvation Army will accept donations in Central and Southern Maine. Call 800-S-A-TRUCK to schedule an appointment. There are also many drop-off locations, if you would rather take your donation to them. Find the one closest to you by clicking here.

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