How about one more kick while you're already down? Bull Moose took to Twitter late on Tuesday afternoon to announce that their longtime underground location at 151 Middle Street in Portland would be closing at the end of November. For so many locals and visitors to the city, it has become an institution over the years.

There's plenty of reasons why Bull Moose closing their Portland location makes sense. As they explain in their post, their lease for the location is up and given a very uncertain retail climate for the remainder of 2020 as well as the first half of 2021, signing another long term lease at high rates is risky for any business. Foot traffic is down across the Old Port and ultimately, less people means less business.

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But while restaurants and boutiques may come and go, Bull Moose provided something different for the walkable downtown. Starting as one of those almost grungy record stores, Bull Moose has continued to reinvent itself and transition their business model to remain successful. They've managed to do so without losing the charm that has made their Old Port location a place to stop when visiting and the place to go for the latest releases in music, movies or video games.

Other Bull Moose locations across Maine will remain open with no plans to close at this time. And Bull Moose states that once things turn around again in Portland, they'll revisit the idea of a retail location there. But for those who have bought their favorite local record, got their hands on a hot video game or maybe had their first date slowly walking the aisles of the underground Bull Moose, it's the end of era. Thanks again, 2020.

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