I got the chance to meet Eliza Dushku when I first started in radio! She is from Watertown, MA and came into to CBS Boston for an interview on Mix 104.1. I was working the front desk and decorating the front lobby for Christmas when she came in. I told her how ironic it was that they made the Jewish girl Chistmasfy the place and I think she found that amusing! I wanted to shout "I LOVED YOU IN BRING IT ON!!!" But I somehow kept my cool.

I was so happy to see that she tied the knot recently! Her wedding photos appear to be in the Boston Public Library's courtyard on 8.18.18! I wanted that wedding date too but alas I went with the off season to save some dough.

According to Boston.com, Eliza's now husband Peter Palandjian is a 50 something Boston real estate developer. They ride tandem bicycles and calls themselves "Peliza" so it's safe to say they are really happy together.

Congrats Peter and Eliza! And I'm not bitter I wasn't invited to the nuptials even though Eliza and I shared that tender moment in the CBS Radio lobby in 2015.

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