Parking in Biddeford has been a sore subject lately...

Biddeford recently started paid parking for the first time, despite fierce opposition from people who live in Biddeford.

Now, after years of wrangling, the first steps have been taken to build Biddeford's first ever parking garage.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the City Council voted LAST year to build a garage on Lincoln Street. The city bought up a big 8 and a half acre lot back in 2012! Then in April they voted to go ahead and design a parking garage, and this week, finally, they voted to start negotiating a contract to build it.


Wow. This should be the most amazing parking garage ever built in the state of Maine with all this planning.

This is going to take at least a year to build and could cost up to 24 million dollars, according to the newspaper. But it will be all worth it, because the city will make some good bank with the money and taxes.

Hang in there Biddeford, it sounds like this could actually be good news for you guys...



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