I love this because it's so local. It REEKS of local and it shows what I've been saying for WEEKS now -- that no one helps out our fellow community like New Englanders.

There's a solid chance that if you're reading this right now, you know something about the Internet. And if you know something about the Internet (at least enough to come across this article), then you've heard of Barstool Sports, since it's a pop culture and sports blog that has absolute blown up since it was founded by Dave Portnoy back in 2003.

Best part? Dave is a local New England guy, born in Swampscott, Massachusetts and he actually founded Barstool in Milton, Massachusetts. (You know it's local because it reeks of Boston). For a while now, Dave has been beyond frustrated at the government pandemic shutdowns and how that is affecting (or affectively killing) small local businesses. 10 days ago, he introduced The Barstool Fund, an effort through Barstool Sports to raise money for small businesses in need.

Since then, Dave and The Barstool Fund have helped an insane amount of businesses receive funding already, which you can keep track of here. I'm not sure if they fact that Dave is from New England has an impact on how many New England businesses have been helped (since he's literally helped businesses all over the country -- Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, etc), but so far, FOUR different New England businesses have gotten some love from The Barstool Fund.

Two Massachusetts businesses have been given a boost to survive the shutdown by The Barstool Fund -- Casa Mia Cucina Italiana in Marblehead, and Body N Beyond Massage Therapy in Hopkinton, whose story is below (in a recorded FaceTime between the owner and Dave).

On top of helping out those two Mass businesses, Dave has also tossed some love to a couple of 603 businesses through The Barstool Fund -- The Village Trestle in Goffstown, and the most recent New England recipient of help from The Barstool Fund, McNulty & Foley Express Caterers in Nashua, whose story is below (both in a separate video and the recorded FaceTime between the owner and Dave.)

For as goofy and lighthearted (and fun/funny) as Barstool can be, major props to Dave Portnoy and the Barstool crew for creating The Barstool Fund and actually DOING something about what you observe and believe in, instead of just creating another 5-minute rant video to post on social media and move about your day. Dave is a good guy and clearly doesn't forget where he came from, and you love to see it.

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