Summer wraps up next week, which is a super scary thought, but something even scarier is that Halloween is approaching rapidly.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and keeping everyone safe, the Halloween of 2020 left us scrambling to find ways to keep our children and selves busy on all hallows eve.

It was a scary time for sure, but we managed, and even though we are still in the thick of the pandemic, communities are finding ways to celebrate. According to a post on Aquaboggan's Waterpark Facebook page, Auquaboggan is turning its waterpark into a haunted Trail of Terror, AGAIN.

That's right, Aquaboggans Trail of Terror is coming back!

Trail of Terror will take place Fridays and Saturdays throughout October, with opening night being Friday, October 1st. The Trail of Terror will also be open on Sunday the 31st, for those looking for a nontraditional way to spend Halloween.

Tickets for the Trail of Terror are $20 per person, under ten is $10, and can be purchased online HERE.

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