The life and times of Frank from Long Island. About a week ago, a man named Frank Grande penned a letter to a midcoast Maine newspaper about his frustrating search for a second home in the Camden area. Frank's irritation seemed to stem from the fact that many people in the area used their yards like they were a junkyard. As you'll see below with the initial letter shared on Reddit by DavenportBlues, Frank suggested that local communities should put ordinances into place that would forbid people from doing this, with fines and further repercussions possible if people continued to violate. Frank likely wrote that short letter thinking nothing would come of it and boy, was Frank ever wrong.

Frank's letter ended up going viral across Maine, with comment sections on Reddit as well as Facebook pages exploding with the fury of scorned Mainers. Lobstermen in particular felt personally attacked, believing that Frank was targeting the idea that traps and buoys somehow bring down property values in coastal communities. While the comments section was overwhelmingly against Frank's opinion, some could see his point. That perhaps a few Mainers could use a little kick in the bottom to clean up their dooryards. After a week of everyone and their cousin sharing their opinion, Frank is back. This time, he's penned a letter apologizing. Kind of.

Shared on Reddit by daeedorian, Frank starts his rebuttal with a remorseful tone proclaiming that he never meant to denigrate the people of Maine and that he was only trying to point out a specific annoyance. He specifies that he has no ill will towards the lobstering industry or anyone else using their yard to further their income. Frank probably could have won us all back with his apology except for this little snippet: "However, based on the responses, it does appear many know what I meant...". Frank. Frankie. We call this quitting while you're ahead but Frank couldn't do it.

It appears Frank continues to "stay in Camden" by the signature on his letter. Unfortunately for him, the weather may be warming but his time in Maine is likely to remain frosty.

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