Disney has produced some incredible animated classics over the years from 'Aladdin' to 'Beauty and the Beast' to 'The Lion King'. But lately, Disney has been taking some of those animated classics and turning them into live-action movies.

If Disney ever decides to give the 'Cars' movie franchise the live-action treatment, there's a Mater look-alike sitting abandoned in a field in Norridgewock, Maine that would serve as one amazing backstory.

Susannah Warner
Susannah Warner

Shared with us by Susannah Warner, the Mater copycat has been something of a roadside attraction in the small Maine town, and is still sitting in its spot in 2021.

The Mater look-alike is well done, even if it isn't road-ready anymore. It's got some classic Mater touches, from the big front teeth, to the missing headlight, to the Mater scribed on the door. If you're trying to make a broken down tow truck less of a eyesore, you transform it into a lovable Disney character. It's brilliant.

If Disney imagineers happen to stumble across this, there's your backstory for the live-action flick. Mater has found himself stuck in a field, left abandoned as a roadside attraction. Have Larry the Cable Guy put a little twang on that story and the rest almost writes itself.

If you're looking for an easy road trip right now, this Mater look-alike isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Pop up the GPS, find Norridgewock and then go searching for Mater all alone in a field.

Make sure to say "Dad-Gum" if you find him.

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