Snakes and spiders, man. There's just something about those two species in particular that gives a lot of people the creeps. Thankfully, Maine is not home to the most dangerous kinds of snakes and spiders that exist. But even with that factoid in your mind, it could be quite startling to be walking toward your fridge, look up and see....

Shared on Facebook by Stacey Lynne Witham, she was doing just that when she happened to notice a rather large snake stuck to the wall of her kitchen. As Stacey proclaimed in her post, the snake caught her by surprise and she that sudden feeling of anxiety wash over her. We all know the feeling and we all dread it.

She shared the photo in the popular Facebook group Maine Wildlife and many of the commenters mentioned that she was in danger. The snake on her wall appears to be a common Eastern Milk Snake, albeit a large one. The milk snake is generally harmless, although it is willing to bite if it feels restrained or under attack.

Stacey removed the snake from her wall with a broom, wrapped it up in a blanket and moved it back outside of her house. But we suspect that Stacey's trips to her kitchen won't be the same for at least a little while.

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