2 middle school girls out in Oregon were bothered by the lack of self-confidence and self body image among their peers. In fact, they were moved enough to start a campaign to make a difference. What happened next is pretty awesome. 

The two girls, Avery Burn and Genae Vanek, went to a local beauty and asked for a donation of 100 compact mirrors. They wrote positive affirmations on all the mirrors telling other girls how beautiful, awesome, and intelligent they are. They handed the mirrors out to other girls in school. "Love My Reflection is a project based on the belief that beauty doesn't come in a size or shape and that all girls have the right to feel beautiful, confident, strong, and amazing," the girls wrote on their website. The students have been so receptive that they've been coming up to the girls to ask for mirrors. And other schools in the area have contacted them in hopes of getting involved. Because of the high demand, they've reached out to a large cosmetic chain to look into getting more mirror donations and have started aGoFundMe campaign. Click here to read a story and interview from ABC News.