Spring is a time for new beginnings and it's a new day at 94.9 WHOM as New England will be waking up to a new morning team. Starting Monday, March 30th, Mike Rovin and Anna Gravél will be your hosts from 6-10am. 

Mike has served as the "Brand Manager" and fill-in on-air host on HOM for the past couple years. "The opportunity to take on the role of morning show host on a station like WHOM is truly a thrill and honor for me," says Mike. "I love making the programming decisions for the radio station. Now to have the chance to get behind the mic and share lives with our listeners is awesome." Mike spent just over 15 years working for radio stations in Rhode Island before moving to Maine. Mike has two kids, Roxy (7) and Everett (5). He also has a spunky 13 pound ShiPoo puppy named Elvis! Mike is an event DJ and has been providing music and entertainment for weddings and events of all kinds for 15 years. He also plays drums, practices yoga and martial arts. He has an older sister and is very close with his family.

Anna is really the new face and voice. Here's more about Anna!

For those of you who don’t know me allow me to introduce myself! My name is Anna Gravél, and I am Mommy to my daughter and a local Maine Actor, Singer and film producer. I’m also a supporter of warm hugs, kind words and laughing as loud and often as possible!

I’m sure many of you are wondering how a girl like me ended up with a gig like this. Well, I guess i’ll start at the beginning …

A few months ago I got an email from the folks at Townsquare Media inquiring about a possible collaboration with my film company, Through the Door Productions. They were reaching out to local filmmakers to create video content, and we were looking for content to create. I came into the office, sat down with radio personalities I’d listened to for years, and had a great time laughing as we discussed what they were looking for.

As we collaborated I continued working on my acting career and producing films here and there for my company, but the work I did to “pay the bills” didn’t seem to be the right fit for my personality and skill set. Then in February I got a call from Mike asking if I’d like to be a guest host on the air with him while his current host, Sandra, was on vacation. I of course said yes and had the most fun I’ve ever had laughing and chatting on the air about life, kids and current events.

I filled in for two days and then hopped a plane to L.A. to represent my company and our film at an international film festival. I was sad to go because I’d had so much fun, but also because I had found a place where all my creative energy was not only welcomed, it was encouraged!

It wasn’t long after, that Sandra announced her retirement. I was pleasantly surprised when Mike called asking if I could fill in while they worked to find a replacement for the morning show, and I couldn’t wait to come hang with my new friends again! As I expected, hilarity ensued, ridiculous fun was had,  and creativity flowed.

To say I was excited when they offered me the job of permanent co-host for the Morning show on HOM is an understatement. As an Actor this job compliments those efforts, as a singer it appeals to my love of music and as a producer it utilizes my creativity and marketing/project management skills. But more important than all of that, it just made sense. Everything clicked and somehow it seemed as if Mike and I had always been chatting with one another while New England listened on to our ridiculous banter.

And so here we are. Day one of what I am certain will be an amazing journey. I am honored, humbled and excited to be a part of the incredible group of people both on the air and off, that make 94.9 WHOM such a wonderful station.  I am committed to bringing you fun, informative and quality entertainment as you prepare to start your days every morning, and thank you for your suggestions and support. .