Are you kidding me? Look at this sweet face. Why in the world would a PARENT day he doesn't deserve a letter jacket from school. 

Meet Michael Kelley from Kansas. He's a 19 year old student at Wichita East High School and he's super proud of that letter jacket pictured above. He wears it everywhere. His mom, Jolinda bought him one when Wichita won states. Michael is an athlete who loves sports and is playing basketball despite challenges he has with Down Syndrome and Autism.

Michael was told to take his jacket off and given a girl's sweatshirt to wear instead. The reason? Because a parent complained that he shouldn't be allowed to wear a varsity letter jacket if he didn't earn it by playing varsity ball. The principle, teachers and administrators all believe this is not appropriate. Watch this local Kansas news story (KSN-TV)

Are you kidding me? This story got me fuming. As the auntie of a niece with Autism, I know how important it is to keep her from feeling different and cultivating children's interests (disability or not) is key. Why in the world would anyone have a problem with this? Why not give him the gift of confidence and feeling included, what does that hurt? How do you feel about this? I can't imagine i'm the only one upset about this.