I recently lost a bet to Anna during a Throwback Thursday Photo Challenge on the HOM Morning Show. We had a challenge to see whose throwback photo would get more likes on Facebook. Well, Anna won...BUT NOT BY MUCH! Whoever won the bet got to decide what the "not-winner" had to do. Well, here's how that went. 

The verdict for losing the bet, as decided by Anna, was for me to SING the weather forecast, in public, in an operatic style!! No joke. Well today was the day to pay up; on a beautiful Wednesday, in the center of Portland's Monument Square, in the midst of the Farmer's Market! All in good fun. Here's how it went.

You can never un-hear that, right?! All things considered, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Lesson learned, either don't place bets with Anna, OR make sure there is NO chance of me losing!! All I can now is, PAYBACK IS A.... Well, you know what.