In the heat of the "deflate-gate" controversy, we went on-the air yesterday on The HOM Morning Show with Mike n' Anna and asked whether or not you agree with the 4-game suspension that was handed down to Tom Brady. You have very strong feelings about this! Here are the results of our survey.

Your votes are overwhelming against the sentence opposed to Tom Brady. Click on the poll below to weigh in on the poll. Brady Sentence Poll Results

We also had LOTS of comments on our Facebook post with the same question. Here are just some of your responses.

  • Dawn: NO! No proof, no punishment.
  • Jackie: Absolutely not!
  • Terry: Yup absolutely. Should be longer! Cheater!
  • Mary: Innocent until PROVEN guilty. That's how the country runs and so should football. Punishment was way to harsh considering he supposed crime.
  • Brenda: I voted and I voted no I think it's a tad harsh.
  • Gidget: NO, NO, NO!!! Tom Brady is a respected man in my book.

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Posted by 94.9 WHOM on Tuesday, May 12, 2015