Yesterday Mike and I boarded Cannoli Joe's food truck for it's maiden voyage. Joe Hamilton comes from an Italian family and grew up eating his grandmother's cookies and treats.  Joe is a big fan of 'Mike's Pastries' but didn't always feel like driving down to Boston to get a cannoli, so after trying them out on his family with positive results he decided to open a food truck featuring the popular dessert. He and his father purchased the step van and then together they converted it to the food truck now known as "Cannoli Joe's".

For our part, Mike and I decided to have a race to see who could make the most cannoli's in 60 seconds. Technically we tied with 6 in 60 seconds, but as you'll see from the video I ultimately finished my dozen first AND, I think my cannoli's look prettier. (See Exibit A)

Exhibit A: (L) Anna (R) Mike

Of course, the pictures hardly do them justice so be sure to get your tickets to this weekend's "Street Eats and Beats" and check out Cannoli Joe's for yourself! Tell him Mike n' Anna sent you.



These are the ones Joe made and they are amazing! PB filling with chocolate drizzled over the top and sea salt. Yum!