As you know Aj and I went to two different furniture stores and picked out two different beds to see whose is better!


I actually had to drive to West Lebanon to pick out my bed and like most things in my life, it turned into an adventure. After our sales rep Cathy's car broke down, I had to catch a ride from Ron Gobiel himself (who happens to be the nicest furniture salesman I've ever met).


Once I arrived I had a 3 hour wait for the driver who would be bringing me the 3 hours back to Portland, so I took advantage of that time and called on my inner Goldilocks. I tried every single bed, (and even dozed for a few minutes here or there) and ultimately picked, what I think is the best of the best!


My choice was what Ron calls "The 'Yes' bed" or the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid.  In my opinion this bed has the best of both worlds! I get the super squishy memory foam on top and the firm coils in the middle! It also has cool everlast in it which takes additional heat away from my body.


Now Aj seems to think his bed is better, but i'm pretty confident i'm going to win this contest. Stay tuned as we'll reveal a winner in the coming weeks!