The much anticipated screening of my 9 year old daughter Ellie's first Movie was a huge success thanks to an incredible local film community here in Portland!


Last night Ellie's directorial debut was a smash hit, and her short film "Nothing But The Tooth" screened in front of an audience of at least 80 people at the Nickelodeon.


To say I was overwhelmed by the incredible support from my local film community would be a gross understatement. It was amazing to see familiar faces and new faces alike, as people came out to support Ellie and help make her night special!


In addition to screening Ellie's movie we also shared a special 'Mockumentary' of the making of Ellie's movie, created by Kyle Bourgoin.


In a similar style to "Waiting for Guffman" you get to see interviews with a few members of the Cast and the Crew inter-cut with footage of Ellie on set directing her movie. It was one of my favorite things of the night, and I was moved to see what great lengths so many people went to in order to make this night so special for Ellie.


We also shared short films from our friends at Brother's Brown, Big Damn Heroes, 8Mufnz, and Tasty Dudes as well as films by young student filmmakers from the New England Film Academy. 


The best part of the whole night was watching Ellie's face as she got to see her movie up on the big screen. To see her big smile lighting up her face and to help create this memory for her was worth absolutely everything.


The plan now is to submit the short film to a few festivals, and then when we can, we will release the film online and share it with all of you!