Today I learned a valuable lesson in checking my facts.


Earlier today I wrote a post about the Farmer's Almanac that unfortunately was mis-informed. Thinking that one of the staples of my Childhood, "The Old Farmers Almanac" had decided to  change it's name (dropping "old") to be more hip and trendy, I posted a satirical blog poking fun at them.


Unfortunately I did not realize that these are two completely different publications. "The Old Farmers Almanac" is a publication out of New Hampshire, while the "Farmers Almanac" is a publication based right here in Lewiston, Maine.


As a parent I often tell Ellie that there are lessons to be found in every situation. And today I think it's safe to say that I was taught a valuable lesson in humility and have certainly been reminded of the importance of fact checking.


To the fine people at "Farmers Almanac" I sincerely apologize and promise to be more careful in the future! And for what it's worth, your name does sound more hip than theirs.


Sorry Farmers Almanac Peeps