It's no secret that we have a loud and proud foodie population here in New England, and with good reason. Our restaurant industry is killing it right now, and there's never a shortage of new establishments opening their doors to the public.

Whether you prefer a certain location, atmosphere, or cuisine, there's something out there for everyone. You'll never run out of new restaurants to check out, especially in New Hampshire.

Although there are countless places you can visit for your next culinary experience, there's nothing quite like those guilty pleasure restaurants.

These are the spots where you know the food, or perhaps a certain dish you love, isn't the healthiest for you. Still, you enjoy it anyway. Cause you know what? It really hits the spot. Plus, you only live once (#yolo, as the kids used to say), and while it's important to be mindful of your health and diet, sometimes you just need to treat yourself. You deserve it, after all.

But where are some of New Hampshire's best guilty pleasure restaurants? Thanks to this post in the New Hampshire Eats Facebook group, we learned about dozens and dozens of them. Here are 20 of the most popular recommendations. Which ones have you visited?

Feast at These 20 Guilty Pleasure New Hampshire Restaurants

Because you only live once.

Did your favorite spot make the list? Speaking of guilty pleasure foods, everyone loves a delicious bowl of mac and cheese. Here are some of the best places to enjoy the dish here in New Hampshire, according to locals.

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