It isn't breaking news to anyone who lives in Southern Maine that the current rental market is a disaster. Monthly prices have become astronomical for apartments, with even efficiency apartments reaching rent levels never before seen in Maine. The housing crunch has led potential tenants to get creative in ways to find housing. The creativity also extends to landlords as well, who are capitalizing on the supply and demand issue with some off-the-beaten-path ideas.

Listed on Craigslist, one landlord in Portland, Maine, is offering up a master bedroom in their two family home. The master bedroom measures out to about 200 square feet and does feature an en suite bathroom with shower. There's plenty of natural light with 5 bedrooms, air conditioning for hot summer days, and even a mini fridge to keep a few beverages chilled. It's also got great proximity to trails and restaurants, and all utilities are included. But it's the monthly price tag and a few restrictions that are raising some eyebrows.

The landlord of this master bedroom is looking for $1,100 per month. They're also looking for $1,100 for the last month of rent, $1,100 for a security deposit, and a $180 "cleaning fee," which isn't explained in the ad. Additionally, this isn't a month-to-month lease, but rather a 1-year commitment to a master bedroom. Not only that, but this master bedroom is being offered as single-occupancy only. The landlord also states that no pets, smokers, and guests will be allowed.

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