Let's be honest, is anyone surprised?

We all know that living in New England is expensive. The housing market is crazy, and many people are struggling as they wonder if they can afford to buy a house or pay rent.

When it comes to household bills, the Granite State ranks highly as well.

A study by doxoINSIGHTS revealed the most and least expensive states when it comes to household bills. Coming out at #1 is Hawaii, with an average monthly bill expense per household of $2,911. Way down at the bottom is West Virginia at #50, with an average monthly expense of just $1,452. That number certainly sounds much nicer.

But where does New Hampshire rank?

It turns out we're currently the #10 most expensive state, with a typical monthly bill expense per household of $2,256. This number is 12.6% higher than the national average, according to the study.

As expected, when the numbers are broken down, the study shows that Granite Staters make above average monthly mortgage payments. While the national average is $1.368/mo, ours are a whopping $1,818. Strangely, though, when it comes to rent, the average monthly payment in New Hampshire is slightly below the national average ($1,129), at $1,115. Sure, it's only a difference of $14, but it's still surprising to hear for this reader, who's seen people struggling with seemingly exorbitant rent and housing costs.

For a complete breakdown of the New Hampshire statistics or to see where other states rank, you can view the study here.

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