Maine Sports

Maine is a tremendous sports state.

Sure, there are no professional sports teams, but the state is loaded with passionate fans that cheer on their local high schools, colleges, and minor league franchises.

Every year, one of the major events in Maine is the high school basketball tournament. The University of Maine has won national championships at the highest level of competition. Minor league teams are consistently competitive. Small colleges continue to have sustained success. And Maine's winter sport athletes are known to bring home a gold or two.

Maine truly is a sports-centric state.

With that in mind, and with the upcoming sports season, I ranked every collegiate mascot in the state.

Maine Collegiate Mascots

The subjective list uses one voice, mine. However, it's probably 100% accurate. I put a lot of thought into it. Quite honestly, I think about this topic a lot. I even had a criteria.

This subjective list was compiled with two thoughts in mind:

  • How would a school's mascot handle competition?
  • How original is the school's mascot?

Utilizing this criteria, I went ahead and ranked the 21 Maine colleges that have a mascot.

Amazingly, no two are the same, and the level of originality in Maine is quite something. There are a handful of schools that lack a mascot, so I guess they're all technically ranked last (sorry Maine College of Art and others...).

Maine's Best Mascots

Here's the official rankings of Maine collegiate mascots. I assure you there will be no controversy.

Maine's College and University Mascots Ranked

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