Like most other humans here on planet earth I LOVE to laugh. Back in Boston I would go to stand up comedy shows whenever I had the chance. It is always such a fun night out! With my recent move Portland I am wondering where the go to comedy spots are here in the north country. I turned to my trusty pal the, interweb,and found the following places that host comedy shows:


This "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" style performance is so awesome because it is completely based on audience suggestions and is a fresh comedic creation every time. I think it is so impressive how quickly improv actors can think on their toes. I will certainly be checking this one out!


Advertised as New Hampshire's ONLY comedy club. Headliners is located in the Radisson Hotel in Machester NH. They appear to have a jam packed schedule with different comedians coming through each week.


I hear nothing but great things about this bar! Apparently they have awesome stand up comedians come through here not to mention EVERYTHING is five dollars. (hence the name, Lincolns) SIGN ME UP!


Off to a good start! Where else should I venture to get my daily dose of giggles?

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