Have you ever heard of a 'Sensory Friendly Films'? If you have a child on the autism spectrum, it's a chance for your family to enjoy your favorite films in a safe and accepting environment.Locally Cinemagic has decided to hold Sensory Friendly Films once a month. They turn the lights up, the sound is turned down and the audience can get up and dance, walk, shout or sing!

Sensory Friendly Films started in 2007, when Marianne Ross from Maryland took her young daughter, Meaghan, to a matinee (not at Cinemagic) to see a movie they really wanted to see. They went to an early show thinking there would be fewer people there, but when Meaghan, who was 7 years old at the time saw the main character on the big screen she started to flap her hands, dance, twirl and jump up and down. That got some of the other movie-goers to complain and the manager asked them to leave.

Marianne was frustrated, upset, and a bit angry – Meaghan was so happy and going to the movies ended up being so negative. Marianne figured there had to be a lot of people who probably were in the same situation – or worse yet, didn’t even try to go see a movie because they were afraid.

She reached out to her local movie theater asking if they would be willing to set up a special screening for children on the autism spectrum. It has since gone nationwide.

She spread the word about the upcoming screening through her local Autism Society Affiliate and amazingly, 300 people showed up.

Cinemagic holds special screenings monthly. This month it's 'Big Hero 6'.